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Advanced Defensive Handgun Shooting Course

Beginner Defensive Handgun Course is a perquisite.

Cost is $150.00 per student. ONLY 4 students per course.

Topics covered are:

  • Firearms Manipulation 

  • Reloads 

  • Non-Dominant hand shooting 

  • Differences between cover and concealment 

  • Shooting off angles, around Cover 

  • Scanning for additional threats

  • Using cover and concealment to your advantage

  • Engaging multiple targets 

  • One handed Shooting 

  • One handed reloads (wounded reload) 

  • Retention shooting 

  • and more

Students will be required to demonstrate their progression through shooting proficiency drills. 


Students will be required to bring their own Semi-Auto Handgun (no revolvers) and 200 rounds of ammo, Pistol holster, two (2) magazine pouches, 3 Magazines, loose fitting long pants (preferably cargo or tactical) with a belt, boots or durable shoes. (Optional gear - Gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, [battle gear -battle belt, drop pouch, tactical vest, etc.]).

You should also bring inclement weather gear.  


*** If you have group of 4, please contact me through email or text***

Class Dates: Any day, anytime except Sundays (at least 2 weeks' notice to schedule)

Email me to setup a private class, must have at least 2 students. 


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