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The Defensive Handgun Shooting course is the next step after the NC CCH. The course teaches advance shooting skills associated with defensive shooting, and the problem solving skills needed to stop a threat. Additionally we cover the defensive mindset and how we can prepare for a violent, dynamic encounter. 

Defensive Handgun Shooting Course

  • Topics covered are:

    • ​Tactical/Defensive Mindset
    • Drawing from Holster
    • Firearms Manipulation
    • Malfunctions
    • Reloads
    • Cover and Concealment
    • Engaging Multiple Targets
    • Retention Shooting
    • and much more

    Students will be required to demonstrate their progression through shooting proficiency drills. 

    Students will be required to bring their own Semi-Auto Handgun (no revolvers) and 200 rounds of ammo, Pistol holster, two (2) magazine pouches, 3 Magazines, loose fitting long pants (preferably cargo or tactical) with a belt, boots or durable shoes. (Optional gear - Gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, [battle gear -battle belt, drop pouch, tactical vest, etc.]).

    You should also bring inclement weather gear.  

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